He prefers to be called "Max". This cute, animated bean of a boy hopes to teach elementary students a few things about the important role of soybeans in their lives. Using the "Just The Beginning — The Life of a Young Sprout" activity booklet, students will have fun while they learn about the wonderful world of agriculture. The "Just the Beginning—The Life of a Young Sprout" activity booklets are currently available to educational organizations including county school systems, agriculture education foundations, county extension offices and 4-H leaders.

The Maryland Soybean Board was established in 1980. The Board's mission is to maximize the profitability of Maryland soybean producers by investing Maryland checkoff funds in research, promotion and communication projects. In all aspects of work the board is committed to providing leadership to the regional soybean industry, evaluating all Maryland Soybean Board activities and opportunities and ensuring that the general public is informed of the critical contribution that Maryland soybean producers make to the quality of life and the economy of the state of Maryland.

Laser Letters, Inc. is an Easton, Maryland business providing professional print and design services for more than twenty-five years. For this project, Judi and Bud Loscomb developed the appealing characters, their stories and activities for print and animation, and promote and manage the distribution of the booklets.

In 1995, Bruce Hotchkiss, senior editor of American Farm Publications, launched Agri-Media Services, Inc., a family business focused on providing agricultural organizations with public relations and communications service. In that venture, Agri-Media has provided service for grain and soybean checkoff boards in Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania and New York in addition to working with both Maryland Grain Producers Association.